Rules and Scoring for VGOC

The rules and scoring for VEX GO Competitions are not complex, but it is important that you and your students understand them fully prior to holding a competition.

Robot Rules

  1. The Robot can only have one Robot Battery
  2. The Robot can only have one Robot Brain
  3. The Robot can be made of only VEX GO parts
  4. The Robot must have the VEX GO license plate with Team Name or Number
  5. Decorations are allowed

Game Rules

  1. Robots must start on the green tile
  2. If a robot becomes stuck, the human player can pick up the robot and place it on an adjacent empty tile
  3. There are three ways to play
    1. Solo Driving: 2 minutes match with 1 robot
    2. Solo Coding : 1 minute match with 1 robot
    3. Coop Driving: 1 minute match with 2 robots
  4. Determining a Winner:
    1. Be sure to determine the number of matches each team will play ahead of the competition.
    2. After each match, count the total points at the end of the match and record
      1. Team Name
      2. Total points
      3. End time
    3. Each team's official score is the highest score achieved in a match.
    4. If there is a tie, the team with the fastest time is the winner

Mars Math Expedition Scoring


All tasks are worth 1 point

Stage 1 - Crater and Rover Scoring

  1. Remove a game element from the crater
  2. Move the Rover out of the crater

Stage 2 - Lab Scoring

  1. Move a game object to the Lab Tile
  2. Put a game object on top of the Lab
  3. Put a game object on the matching colored square

Stage 3 - Solar, Landing and Rocket Scoring

  1. Tilt the Solar Panel down
  2. Clear the debris from the Landing Site
  3. Place the Helicopter on the Landing Site (Human)
  4. Lift the Rocket Ship upright
  5. End with the robot touching the red tile

Stage 4 - Fuel Scoring

  1. Remove fuel cells from the cradles
  2. Move a fuel cell to the Rocket Ship
  3. Move a fuel cell to the Landing Site